About us

Our Mission

Empower consumers and facilitate consumer-led coordination of care and support at home and within the community through the research, development, and deployment of advanced social networking technology.

Our Approach

LivBetter is agile, responsive, and professional in its approach to developing and delivering solutions. We adopt a collaborative approach to research, development, and deployment of our solutions:

  • Research into advanced technologies in collaboration with universities and research institutes;
  • Development of systems by bringing together multi-disciplinary technology and expertise; and
  • Deployment of solutions in collaboration with consumer organizations, care and technology providers, and government.

Our Team

Lead by Dr. Gil Tidhar and Michael Robinson, our team includes designers and system developers with international experience. Gil has over 20 years experience in research, development, and commercialization of advanced technologies: from expert systems, through artificial intelligence and decision support systems, to advanced simulation technology.

Michael is an experienced strategist and change leader in health and aged care, and has broad experience in strategic and service planning, process redesign, ongoing improvement and market opportunity analysis.

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